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why flexologic?

AV Flexologic is the world leading company in the creation of printing plate and pre print assembly equipment, with a 50 year expertise in the flexographic printing market. Av Flexologic offers innovative solutions in order to optimize the pre print work stream and eliminate bottlenecks.
Particularly, Av Flexologic company has developed an important and unique experience in the creation of printing plate assembly systems which operate completely automatically. More than 500 automatic systems have been already installed since 2005 all over the world.

Av Flexologic has been also existing in the italian market since 2007.

Flexxo Printing Solution periferiche_di_supporto monta_cliche

Flexxo Printing Solution

recommends Av Flex experience and reliability. Many converters, both in Italy and abroad, have already chosen Av Flex systems for their practicality and speed of use, as well as for the cost saving.


A 50 year expertise world leading company
A full products range: flexible packagings, corrugated card boards, labels
In-house developed softwares

assembly speed

and cost saving

AV Flexologic offers a wide range of solutions::

Flexo Wide Web,

  • • Manual Sleevemounter
  • • MOM DD Motorized manual
  • • SAMM 2.0 Automatic
  • • FAMM 2.0 Automatic with flexo printing plate mounter

Flexo Narrow Web:

  • • Manual table top for cylinders and sleeves
  • • MOM USD Motorized manual for cylinders and sleeves
  • • SAMM USD Semi-automatic for cylinders and sleeves
  • • SAMM 2.0 Automatic for sleeves