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why absolute?

Absolute offers a full range of carbon-fibre chambered doctor blade systems for all flexo printing applications in the corrugated, coating, tissue and flexible packaging sectors.

Absolute chambered doctor blade system is manufactured from high-strength woven carbon fibre combined with stainless steel components. Unlike unidirectional fibres, the woven carbon fibre:

• ensures stiffness and stability, thus avoiding uneven doctoring on anilox

• provides 300% higher stability than aluminium, so there is no risk of chamber deflection

• is not affected by temperature changes over time, thus preventing any twisting and warping.

Absolute chambers are 65% lighter than their aluminium equivalent and 80% lighter than stainless steel ones. The unique vibration damping construction of Absolute chambers allows the unit to run faster.

Its ink-repellent resin surface enables quick and easy chamber cleaning.

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Flexxo Printing Solution

In order to tailor Absolute chamber design to any specifications, Flexxo specialists guarantee customer support to provide bespoke solutions for any performance requirements.


First developer in the world of the carbon-fibre doctor blade chambers in 1999
More than 10.000 carbon-fibre doctor blade chambers installed all over the world
A 15 year anti-corrosion guarantee

more guarantees, cost reduction

and environment protection

Absolute is the only company that offers a 15 years’ anti-corrosion guarantee on its carbon-fibre doctor blade chambers.

Absolute chambers also guarantee unique features:

• 80% reduction in ink loss for colour change

• 80% reduction in water consumption for ink wash-up.

These features reduce production downtime, improve colour consistency and reduce system maintenance costs as well as environmental costs.