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why praxair?

We rely on the excellent quality standards consistently guaranteed by Praxair Surface Technologies in the manufacture and engraving of anilox rollers and sleeves. No other anilox roller suppliers can ensure the same thorough control of all the steps in the manufacturing process.

Indeed Praxair is a unique company, thanks to the ability to perform all the operations included in the production cycle, such as:

• manufacturing ceramics and gas for coating solutions

• development of proprietary technology and coating systems

• performing engraving and finishing in their production facilities.

Moreover, Praxiar Surface Technologies provides full technical and business support as well as on-site inspection activities, thanks to its team, agents and distribution network, located in seven production facilities spanning four continents. This great asset helps its customers obtain higher performance, better quality and improved repeatability in their printing results.

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Flexxo Printing Solution

is the exclusive partner of Praxair in Italy: therefore its experts can recommend the most suitable flexographic printing solutions for your Company.


Internal production of ceramic
Longer-lasting ceramics
Global presence with 7 facilities spread worldwide and a greater expertise in the market field

know-how with a
high technology content

Since 1979

Praxair Surface Technologies created the anilox roller manufacturing sector in 1979, by manufacturing the first ever laser engraved ceramic roller in the world, and is currently a global leader with more than a million anilox rollers installed in the world.

The Company’s know-how draws upon the engraving and coating techniques used in hi-tech industrial sectors, such as aerospace industry, oil extraction and power industry. This leads to state-of-the-art techniques for high-precision effective engraving, ensuring optimal ink release.

In 1994 Praxair Surface Technology set up anilox manufacturing facilities in Novara, Italy. Today printers and converters from all over the world rely on Praxair for the supply of anilox rollers and wear-resistant coatings which best meet their requirements.

Praxair Surface Technology is a technical partner of the major flexographic Associations worldwide:

• ATIF, Italian Technical Flexo Association

• FTA, the American Association for the development of Flexography

• The German Flexographic Technological Association

• ATF FLEXO, the Flexographic French Technical Associationa

• FTAJ, the Flexographic Technical Association of Japan

• ABFLEXO, FTA Brazil, the Brazilian Flexographic Association (three-time winners of the Quality Award).

Praxair Surface Technologies grants permission to Flexxo Printing Solution to use the above photos.