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why ecoair?
Since 1999 EcoAir has been producing high-performance cleansers for cleaning and hygiene in the industrial environments. EcoAir is an ISO 9001:2015 certificated company which guarantees a high quality standard, exports its products worldwide and boasts a second establishment in San Paolo in Brazil.
In accordance with an original and conscious choice of eco compatibility, over the years EcoAir has privileged the production of detergents created in respect of nature and man.
Flexxo Cleaning Solutions sector stems from the need of operators in the flexographic printing world to achieve a high-level printing quality.
Machines, clichés and anilox rollers cleaning is crucial in order to achieve this goal.
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Flexxo Printing Solution

recommends the use of high quality cleaning solutions such as EcoAir products to simplify the work of printers.


full product range for flexographic printing, from inks to glues
super-performing products, time of action radically restricted
ecological products

Product line

for all needs

For water-based inks

Innovative product line for the cleaning of water and water with catalyst - based inks consisting of three specific products. Unicleaner in the Blue version and stronger in the Gold version are indicated for cleaning the colour supply circuits, starting from the pump to the carbon fiber or rubberized chamber, and the Cliché Cleaner Blue for cleaning the cliché printing systems.

Products are avaialable in different sizes which could be the 750 ml spray, the 200 liters jug or the 1000 liters cube.

By using the Unicleaner product you will have a significant saving of water.

  • • Unicleaner blue
  • • Cliché cleaner blue
  • • Unicleaner Gold

For solvents & UV-based inks

The solvents & UV base ink line was unifed into two unique and super efficient products to simplify the work of operators and decrease the number of products used.

ULTRA ANILOX SOLV&UV products are in the liquid version for cleaning anilox in automatic high-pressure and ultrasound,washing machines, for cleaning clichés manually or for the automatic cleaning clichés machine and also for circuits or trays.

In the gel version for cleaning anilox rollers manually or for hard-to-clean spots of clichés.

  • • Ultra anilox Solv&UV Liquid
  • • Ultra anilox Solv&UV Gel

For all types of ink and specific products

Complete super-efficient cleansers line for the manual cleaning of anilox and clichés and for the automatic machines, for all kinds of ink, for deep cleaning of glues and anti-foam products for different uses.

  • • Shark Eco
  • • Shark Wash
  • • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • • Glue Deep cleaner Gel
  • • Glue deep cleaner Liquid
  • • Magic sponge